Q1: If I rent/lease a string instrument from FLOCELLO and later on I will decide to buy it, is there any discount applied to the price?
A1: During the renting/leasing period you can decide to buy the instrument with a reducing amount of the initial price equal with the total rental amount payed.

Q2: After I bought already an instrument from Flocello and I would like to upgrade to a superior level of quality, can I use my initial instrument as a trade?
A2: Yes, at any time you decide to upgrade from Student level to Advanced Student or Professional or Maestro, I will consider the all amount you payed for the initial instrument (any level of quality) as a trade toward the price of the next instruments you will consider. Of course if the initial instrument is in the same good condition as it was initially.

Q3: How long can I have an instrument for a trial?
A3: You can have an instrument for a trial period of a week before you decide to buy with a 50% deposit and credit card information. At the end of the trial period, you will receive the refund of the 50% deposit in the case that you decide not to purchase the instrument.

Q4: Can I get a case/bag or a bow for the string instrument I want to purchase?
A4: All my Student, Advanced Student, Professional and Maestro instruments from Hora are coming with cases /bags and bows included in the price. I have also created a stock of professional bows and cases for Alexandru Ozon Professional and Maestro instruments at a reasonable good price.

Q: Can I show up any time to your studio/shop for any instrument trial?
A: We are strongly suggesting to call, text or mail prior to your visit as our business works that way in order to accommodate all the musicians for a decent view and trial on our instruments, however if it is an emergency situation or it happens for you to be in the neighbourhoods, we can make exceptions and welcome you right then but, please, just make a phone call to arrange for the next “minutes” visit and confirm your specific instrument interest.

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We are located in West of Hamilton (up the mountain. HWY-403) near by Meadowlands Plaza (Ancaster).
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